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Anyoption experiences – the broker in the test…

Anyoption was one of the first brokers to enter the market with binary options since 2009, the broker has its seat as most brokers in Cyprus. A Cyprus-based company seems initially untrustworthy to some customers, but this is the main reason why, for tax reasons, Cyprus is an optimal business location for brokers of binary options.

What the trading platform offers:

would click to read more Cyprus is a member of the EU and therefore has to submit to the Brussels rules. In addition, the Cypriot supervisory authority CySEC has now certified and regulated the broker anyoption.

In the meantime, anyoption is one of the world’s leading providers of digital options click to read more about and has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Regarding the reliability and reliability of the offer, anyoption sets standards, the price-performance ratio is also generally considered very fair.

The broker anyoption offers the probably most comprehensive range of underlyings that can be found on the market. For example, the trader can what resource trade around 100 underlying assets, including 54 equities – mainly from the blue chip sector, 31 equity indices and a large number of currency pairs, commodities and precious metals. Comparing this with other brokers, some of which offer only about 40 or 80 basis values, anyoption by this point stands out from the crowd.


For normal call or put options, the possible run times at anyoption are 30 minutes, one hour, one day, one week, or one month. Special functions such as roll forward also offer the trader the option to extend the option duration.

For anyoption, the returns on normal options are around 70 percent. This is less than other brokers on the market, but anyoption has already included a 15% loss hedge. Investors who avoid the big risk are right but love it at anyoption.

In the case of one-touch options, where the trader assumes that the price touches a threshold during the lifetime, returns are much higher. Since the risk is also higher in this type of trading, much higher yields of up to 380% are offered. With a maturity of one week, these options can be profitable for the investor, especially in the case of very volatile prices. However, since forecasts are generally quite difficult, these options are less recommended for first find out beginners.

In order to become familiar with the operation of the platform, you can set up a demo account at anyoption. The entry with the real and own capital takes place only when one is firm in the service of the platform and no more general questions to the trade more come day go right here up.

Special function Chose your Profit

With this special function, the trader is enabled to operate even active risk management. This can be done by changing the percentages of loss protection and yield, and thus providing a higher loss protection with a lower yield.

In the case of certain options, the investor is given the opportunity to take the profit before the actual expiration of the option. This option is shown to the customer 15 minutes before the option expires.

Option +

If the trader is no longer sure whether the option is on hold during the lifetime see page this of an option, he can sell it again using the option + option. Although the repurchase value is, of course, lower than the return or the capital invested, the trader can, in this way, minimize losses and concentrate on new trades.

Anyoption is the right broker for traders who are looking for a reputable provider, which also has a great experience. As a market leader, the broker can have the longest experience in the her response on market with binary options and offers beginners optimal conditions to try out the action with digital options. In addition, the trader is presented with various ways in which he can actively pursue risk management.

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