1. Thanks for spurring a few moments of introspection about my ow life. I feel really lucky—I never saw any part of my life as a struggle. Sure, there were challenges, bad relationships, crazy bosses. Yes, I went to therapy to help learn new skills. But generally, I always realized that my life was pretty good and I felt good about it, certainly compared to people living in poverty or with serious ailments and I have kept that attitude throughout each decade. As I result, and I do think it’s a result, I have lived a full and rich life.

  2. Interesting how younger people are paying attention or preparing for what is ahead? Not sure, but I’ve noticed a few younger people also following my own blog.
    Some of the earlier years zoomed by in a fog, it seems. But once I reached 53, I began actively paying attention to each day, and began living in the present. Now, at 67, it feels like I have really come into my own. I rather hope others can begin living in the present, and making each day count, much earlier than I did.
    I applaud those following along with you. And I applaud YOU for giving them what they seek (and will need). High fives!

  3. Yes, my husband and I feel so lucky to have survived those years of heavy ‘fog’…. only to find ourselves happier than ever as we move towards sixty. So glad we made it this far, and it turned out so well! LLC

  4. Interesting to find out younger people are following your blog. That gives all of us hope. My 50s still feel fairly confusing…I am still waiting to get to the now this is living stage…maybe in my 60s.

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