1. Being elderly is great, but so is being young. We have challenges as long as we are alive and we just have to deal with them. It is not about years, but about attitude.

  2. EVERY stage of life is beautiful if we choose to look at it that way. BB for one wouldn’t want to be a teenager nowadays, but I sure did enjoy those years when I was there! At 51 I’ve noticed my views on many things are much looser than they were, which in turn makes me feel younger on many levels, and I love that aspect of getting older. Here from the MB hop and wishing you a Feliz 2014!

  3. Good advice Laura! I think if we look at the more positive aspects of aging then that is a good thing. There is way too much negativity out there. I’m definitely going to keep a positive attitude and live my life to the fullest this year and the next 20 or more!

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