1. Considering a move myself to a lake house (from metro DC area; big change). Let me know how it’s working for you; good to know there are others out there who are switching things up!

  2. How exciting! And what a wonderful view.

    We’re living a suburban life now and it looks likely that we’re going to move in the direction of more urban, oddly enough. Especially since we both grew up in small towns and had a long-term dream to move to the country that we never implemented. Now, though, we love museums, nice restaurants, and walking in interesting cities. Paris is starting to look like a good place to retire!

  3. Happy to find better restaurants in our new town, especially non-chains, and extremely friendly folks much like us. After driving through Denver yesterday and seeing the heavy pollution, we’re looking forward to no traffic and clean mountain air. — LLC

  4. It sounds wonderful. Congrats to you both. I moved from my home town of Los Angeles to Colorado Springs many years ago. Our daughter was 8. When she was 24 she moved back to L.A. So did I. I have to say, I miss Colorado every day. The friends I made there, the seasons. That being said, I’ve found a wonderful life here and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Guess there’s no place like home. Best to you, Laura Lee!

  5. Good for you! I can totally relate to wanting to escape the population explosion in your own backyard. We have spent our lives in the Bay Area (not sure the number of people per square foot but too many!) and recently found our ideal retirement spot in Carmel. Near a small downtown (walkable from the house!), no rush hour, clean air, near the ocean, big yard with lots of room for veggies and flowers, beautiful for sure. We cannot move quite yet but hope to escape to our new home in one year (fingers crossed). Good luck on your journey and enjoy it! 🙂

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