1. Hooray for your making so many effective midlife transformations. I don’t know if you are personally affected by the floods (knowing you live in CO), but I am hoping that things get better soon there. Hugs to all my neighbors (I’m just east in KS).

  2. Karen:
    We missed the flooding in south Fort Collins. The mtn. communities above us are DEVASTATED though! Major highways in the mountains are GONE! And we just got more rain! You may be receiving some of this extra moisture soon, so WATCH OUT!
    — LLC

  3. “Take it from me, midlife is the best time to take back your power, decide exactly what YOU want, and then don’t let ANYTHING stand in your way!”

    So true! Midlife is a great time for reinvention. The wisdom we’ve gained through our lives, coupled with the courage to let go of artificial limitations, makes this time one of the most wonderful of all.

  4. “Take back your power”… I love that line. Yes, we owe it to our souls to be our most authentic selves. Looks like you have done just that, and now you encourage others to do the same! GREAT!

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