The BEST part of being in midlife!

by midlifecrisisqueen on September 25, 2013

Katie Couric Love againDid you hear?  Katie Couric is finally remarrying.  She recently announced that she had found love again and plans to marry in the next year or so.

Yesterday she asked those who watch her TV show, what type of wedding dress was “correct” for a second wedding later in life.

My response: “Do EXACTLY what YOU want this time Katie!”   That’s what I did.

Ahhhhh, the freedom of being 50+  Don’t you just love it?  I wore a cool dress I found at a street fair downtown when I married again in 2005.

When we were younger it seemed like there were a million societal rules about EVERYTHING!  And most of us didn’t have enough courage or confidence to break the rules.  But now, anything goes!

So many rules, so little time… to break them all!

I can think of few social rules I’ll be following in my future!  Now that I have finally found my freedom, I’ll never give it up.

How about you?

“We think we understand the rules when we become adults, but what we really experience is a narrowing of the imagination.”    — David Lynch

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