1. Laura Lee, love this post. “Chance” is my middle name. I’ve been taking them pretty much all my life. Sometimes its worked out great … sometimes, not so much. But I’d rather regret what I did than regret what I didn’t do! Great read.

  2. Sue Shoemaker

    Hi Laura!

    It’s interesting that it was your 49th year that provided you with a turning point! Have you ever taken the time to look back on your life in 7 year cycles? What is interesting is that 7 x 7 = 49. If each of the seven year cycles is compared to a month…then 49 is the end of July and 50 is the beginning of August…the last month in the “summer” of one’s life. So at that point you had “completed” one cycle and were ready to move on to the next.

    Age 57 opens the door to September and the beginning of the autumn of life that brings with it the early “harvest”…an extremely beautiful, productive, enjoyable and colorful season of one’s life!


  3. Tammy:
    It took me a while to realize exactly how cautious I had been, and then loosen up quite a bit. I guess it was the realization that careful sure hadn’t given me what I wanted!
    Now I say: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” — Laura

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