1. Pia:
    I choose to see only growth and enlightenment, since I get to choose. Love the image of aging as a “comfy robe.” Yes, it does feel that way at times, until I start thinking about all of the great adventures still ahead for me… Ecuador here I come! — LLC

  2. MOM

    It’s like standing on a high hill and when you look one way the view is all the good things you’ve experienced – good parents, life mate, children, career and now 23 years of retirement. What a climb and the view is spectacular! How did I get so lucky? Then over the hill (no pun intended) I say why can’t the good things continue? But only a fool says they will.
    So I’ve got what it takes to face the downhill path – family, friends, good health, memories, and plenty of $. That’s what counts!

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