Why I do what I do: Becoming a writer in midlife

by midlifecrisisqueen on August 13, 2013

I have been asked for interviews three times in the past week by  those who wish to know more of what I know about being a writer in today’s topsy-turvy world of blogging, self- publishing and making it financially as a writer.

Just to be clear, the definition of “topsy-turvy” is “a state of utter disorder and confusion.”  Truer words were never spoken!  Show me someone who says they know where the ‘world of words’ is headed, and I will show you a fool.  And for those of you who think I do what I do to get rich and  famous, I can only stifle my laughter.

Stated clearly and unequivocally, I write this blog and my books for only one reason.  I went through my own version of hell when I first lost my marriage and then my career back in early 2004, and I did it completely alone, with very little visible means of emotional or financial support.  Yes, I felt like the biggest loser in the history of womankind.  Yes, I did consider ending it all a few times.

But when I was saved by a genuine and timely love, and then decided to become a writer,  (Thank you Katy!)   I knew what I needed to do next.  Teach others everything I had learned about midlife and crisis.  Provide information and support so that others could benefit from my own experiences.  Keep others from giving up when life goes south in their 40s and 50s.

I have since learned that our mid-40s are the most likely time in our lives to experience depression WORLDWIDE, regardless of whether we are rich or poor, single or married, or whether we are parents or not.  I also learned that suicide rates in our age group continue to increase and I know why!

It is true, that worn out version of  “midlife crisis” replete with corvettes and trophy wives stayed back in the 1960s, but that does not mean that most of us do not experience an important emotional rite of passage in our 40s or 50s, when we suddenly wake up to the fact that we are not doing what we need to be doing with our lives. For many it becomes crystal clear, it is high time to try something different!

Even the world’s most well-known psychologists did not know about the important transition we all go through in midlife, until it happened to them.  Carl Jung and Erik Erikson both stopped in midlife and said WOW! and then changed their theories accordingly.

If you are feeling dazed and confused in midlife, please consider reading Midlife Magic and Find Your Reason to Be Here, my well-researched volumes which show what is normal, natural and healthy to experience as our perspective changes with age.  Midlife is when we wake up from a dream that others have made for us.

This is when we stop doing what everyone told us to do with our lives, and start doing what WE CHOOSE!  Learn how to finally take full responsibility for your choices, and then turn your confusion into your BEST opportunity to get what you want before you die.

Rest Assured: There are do-overs BEFORE it’s all over!

“The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help yourself!”  Leo Rosten

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Lisa Froman August 18, 2013 at 1:12 pm

I often think about how impressive it is that you rebuilt your life and became an inspiration for so many people. I’m still so new to blogging and social media and you’ve been doing it successfully for a long time. It’s inspiring. Please keep being so passionate about your work and your beliefs, too. You have a strong advocate archetype–and it’s wonderful to witness.

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