1. Wow. This was fascinating. You were so lucky to have had this experience. I guess your trip really did influence your studies and future, didn’t it? I think it’s cool that you can speak and write Chinese, by the way!
    I love the photos; everything looks so exotic. (And that’s a sweet photo of you!)

  2. I’ve been to Malaysia and Singapore and love that part of the world. Just thinking about it has me craving a mango. Enjoyed your story and pictures.

  3. Thank you all for reading and commenting!
    Yes Caryn, I felt very brave when I flew over there alone at age 19! Then I missed my flight in LA, spent a day and night in Seoul South Korea, and arrived one day late into Bangkok at night… Yikes!
    But my parents were there waiting for me at the airport with leis in hand!

  4. My sister and I went with our 84 year old mom to Thailand earlier this year as part of a Sierra Club trip. We didn’t like the heat, but we loved everything else about the country, especially the people. We went to the places you mention, plus a number of national parks. I hope to go again. Sawadee-kah!

  5. How wonderful that you could live inThailand–and then return to continue studying. I ended up picking up a minor in Near Eastern Studies after spending 6 months in Israel / Palestine. I still draw from that experience today.

  6. Sandra Sallin

    I’m envious of your travels. i’ve never been to Asia but will some day… What a glorious experience for you.

  7. Just shy of my 30th birthday I moved to England for two years. I loved it. Although I’ve been back for a decade, that time is very much with me every single day of my life. Like you, I couldn’t put into words what has changed about me, other than saying, “everything!” Understanding that our way of doing things isn’t the only way and living in someone else’s shoes makes every situation seem more grey instead of black and white.

  8. My husband lived in Shanghai for six months right before I met him. I wish I’d been able to share that experience with him! How wonderful that your trip to Asia has infused so much of your life.

  9. WOW! GenFabbers are sure the well-traveled group! Even if only in our dreams… and it does change us in so many ways!
    I loved this quote from Style+Substance+Soul:
    “My trip may be over but my journey has just begun.”

  10. I loved Bangkok so much. It changed my view of the world in so many ways. I suppose I will always flash on that city when I smell fish sauce.


  11. Helene Cohen Bludman

    What a great experience you had. It is amazing how things like this can impact you for a lifetime. I hope to travel to that area of the world someday.

  12. What a fantastic experience. I totally agree that the world would change if everyone got the chance to visit other cultures. Thailand is on my travel list! P.S. Thanks for the shout-out about my quote. Totally applies to all of our amazing trips.

  13. Asia is one of the only continents I have’t visited and you’re convincing me that I need to do this. I’ve always been more drawn to European countries; England, France, Spain, Germany, The Czech Republic because those are the origins of my bloodline. But I had a job for three weeks in South Africa — also a place I never thought I would visit — and fell in love. Perhaps Asia should be next on my To Do list. Thanks for your story.

  14. Asia is just so different in every way from the West. But now my husband Mike & I are turning our attention to South America, and I’m beginning to see a trip in our future! -LLC

  15. Asia has always intimidated me. What am amazing opportunity you had getting to go there young. I think we’re more often open to new experiences when we are young.

  16. What a wonderful experience. You were very lucky to do that for 3 months at a young age. Certainly that must have impacted your life so much. Great Post! — Virginia

  17. Thank you all for reader and commenting!
    Yes, I don’t know if I would have gone there without a free trip and my parents already living there. That’s how life surprises you, and sometimes in really great ways! – LLC

  18. What a wonderful, life changing experience for a young person to have. And how much better would Americans understand the rest the world if more of us got to visit other countries when we’re young?

  19. What an incredible experience! I agree with you that more travel when we’re young would help us be more accepting of cultural differences. I’m grateful my kids sacrificed to let me go, and in turn, I’ve sacrificed so that my kids could travel, too.

  20. Yes Barbara! So glad my Dad planned ahead so that I would have the opportunity of a lifetime at age 19. I wish everyone understood how important these experiences are for our kids! – LLC

  21. Haralee

    What a wonderful experience. At 19 you had the maturity to absorb, not everyone can do that and many not at 19!

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