What are your emotional needs in retirement?

by midlifecrisisqueen on July 8, 2013

Here’s an interesting statistical assessment of how boomers are redefining retirement Apparently things are looking up for most boomers since our economic recovery from the “Great Recession.”

I’m happy to see more boomers are considering a career change for their later years.  According to recent psychological research, midlife is the BEST TIME to reconsider all of your previous choices, and spend some time focused on who you are now.

I believe many of us are far too worried about having enough money for retirement, without placing proper focus on figuring out how we will find ways to feel useful and content as we age.

Perhaps you have been avoiding or putting off this important part of your retirement planning.  In the long-run, emotional health and contentment with yourself may be far more important than simply taking care of your finances.

The statistic I found most interesting in that Boomer Cafe article?               “Six percent [of boomers] anticipate working in order to avoid spending time with a spouse or significant other.”

Talk about poor planning!  So you actually plan to stay together even though you totally dislike each others’ company?  No comprendez!

If you would like to spend more time focused on what’s next for you emotionally, please consider reading my latest book: Find Your Reason to Be Here: The Search for Meaning in Midlife.

I like to say, I went through the recession BEFORE the recession when I got divorced and then lost my career back in 2004.  Having lots of time to think seriously about how I wanted to spend the rest of my life, caused me to freak out at first, but then I moved on to doing in depth research into “midlife.”

As it turns out, we boomers are experiencing a new rite of passage for the first time in human history, simply because we are living so much longer.     I started studying and writing about midlife psychology seven years ago.  That’s how I became the “Midlife Crisis Queen.”

According to Carrie Tuhy over at the Second Lives Club, my new book is       “a quick, but comprehensive overview of our generation at this moment in the 21st century…  It’s not about looking at boomers through rosy glasses, but even-handed reporting and clear, compassionate writing to help you understand the challenges and opportunities we all face.” 

My Mom loves my new book!  She told me this week, she just started reading it for the third time!  It may be short, but there is a lot to it…

Go “Look Inside” to see the full “Contents” of this concise summary of the emotional reality we all share as boomers.

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