1. Interesting post.

    Having watched some people I love endure a long, painful, dehumanizing and ultimately losing battle with cancer, I am totally in favor of suicide for myself, if and when the time comes. I can also understand it in cases like Junior Seau’s – watching your brain/life deteriorate, watching yourself perhaps become physically violent towards the people you love and not being able to stop it, because your impulse control centers are so eroded…

    There are cases where (IMO) suicide IS the best option, for some people. For the raped girls who were slut-shamed, I think it is/was horrific. Overall, I think the take-away is more people who are hurting, AND their families, need more support.

  2. Bev:
    Agreed, agreed and agreed. What decision could be more personal than ending your own life? When it comes to suicide, believing that others love and care is so important! -LLC

  3. Thanks for directing my attention to this editorial… so excellent and well-written! And it makes all the points I keep trying to make as most of us do our best to ignore this ever increasing problem. Thanks MJ!

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