1. Elle

    I find family history extremely intriguing as well.

    I have never been back to the land or country where my ancestors are from, but it definitely is on my list of places to go.

    My family history is only well documented on my mother’s side of the family. A distant family member compiled all the information and printed out books for each family. It goes way back to my great, great, great grandparents.

    I spent hours and hours over everyone’s story and the family tree. We span over so many continents that I have only met a fraction of my family – I hope to meet them all one day.

  2. I’ve done a bit of family history digging. Found some history on the ship my great-greats came over from Ireland on, if not their exact voyage, but there’s a branch of the family who tells the story of how they lost their firstborn daughter en route.

    Got Civil war vets in the family, too, wish I had their personal stories or letters, but the bits and pieces are fascinating.

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