1. Thank you so much for this great reminder of the sacrifices so many have made for us, Laura. You’re right in that many take for granted everything so many gave up for us – and Memorial day is the perfect time to really stop and remember – and to give thanks – to those who fought for us.

  2. Yes Ellen, It is hard for me to imagine the American people sitting still for a “draft” these days, and I’m sure most kids have no idea what that would have been like!

  3. Mark Taylor

    I remember in high school… seeing those images on TV every night and thinking “this is what I have to look forward to”. Eventually I enlisted in the USAF but ‘Nam was over by then so I got off lucky on that count. My dad was there though.

  4. Yes Mark: Thank you for reading…
    I’m sure young people today have no idea what it was like wondering if you would be sent to Vietnam at age 18. It impacted all of our lives in so many ways we may not even understand today! -LLC

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