1. Lucretia Donahue-Reed

    Oh, yes. Near the end of my marriage, I realized my spouse had much control over me by my need to always have his approval. I thought if he disapproved, I needed to work to fix it. But he started to treat me with disdain more frequently and I began to see the unreasonableness in it. During an argument, he used the phrase, “Respect has to be earned!” Oh, No! If someone doesn’t treat me with respect, I don’t need to be around them! Put in a positive form: I will only allow people who treat me with respect to be a part of my life.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, Laura Lee! Self esteem is a tough cookies to diagnose. It’s hard for many to have it and harder still to keep it. It is all about value. And as you so eloquently pointed out, if we don’t value ourselves, it’s unlikely others will.

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