1. You’re an inspiration to us all … although while I had a similar experience, I had the opposite reaction. I lost my job, my marriage, my house, my father (who died at age 91) and my daughter (who went off to college) all within a few months — and for the most part I felt GREAT (altho’ I did miss my dad and my daughter), because for once I was unencumbered, free of responsibility, and finally able to lead my own life. Eventually I got a new partner, a new house — and while I didn’t get a new job I did find another way to make a living and finance my less stressful and more meaningful lifestyle.

  2. Hi Tom:
    Glad to be some sort of inspiration for you!

    I didn’t know you lost so much in such a short period yourself. Good to know you found a way to finally “lead your own life.” That’s what midlife change is ALL ABOUT!
    Less stress, more meaning…. — Laura

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