1. Geek Girl

    This is a great phone system! I happen to have one of these. Aside from all the great features I also like the fact that there are no monthly service fees, so important for seniors.

  2. Jean Parks

    My father in law is enjoying the same system, we’re amazed at the range of the safety pendant, he has a HUGE yard & can go everywhere outside on his scooter without missing a call.

    Lovely review!

  3. I like the phone personally. The ability to move around with the pendant is great. This review will encourage many to try this product out.

  4. I was amazed how well thought out this product was made. They seemed to have thought of everything that would be needed for someone wanting to remain independent.

  5. Jenni E.

    I love the whole concept and design! We’ve always been giant fans of VTech products, especially toys, and this phone system is no different. They continue to create great stuff and we’ll continue to use them!!

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