Time Travel

by midlifecrisisqueen on March 22, 2013

Ten years ago this week we had a quite the blizzard in Colorado. The entire region shut down for three days as over a foot of snow fell, but that is not the reason I remember that storm so well.

For me, those three days were spent alone, dissecting various parts of my life, and searching out where change needed to occur.  That blizzard turned into one of my most memorable “dark nights of the soul.”

I was in the middle of a great conundrum at that time, and the blizzard was a timely reminder of how much we don’t control in our world.  It forced me to sit quietly and reflect on what was next in my life, offering me some much needed time to read, write and contemplate the confusion in my own mind.

What I find fascinating ten years later is how little sense I had of the magnitude of change I was about to experience.  From where I sit today, I wonder how I would have reacted if I could have told my past self just three things that would happen in the next two years.

Let’s take the three most major changes:

  1. I would lose my job as a librarian

  2. I would start my own dating service

  3. I would fall in love again at age 49

And that was only two years into my future!

After I met Mike, each small change built on itself offering me renewed self-confidence.  Next I began my work as a freelance writer and speaker.  By 2007 I started this blog.  That led to my first book Midlife Magic: Becoming The Person You Are Inside, which came out in 2008.      Yes, that lonely blizzard was quite the catalyst in my process of finally following my bliss.

And because of so much personal change in my own life, I began to study midlife psychology.  I began to see just how healthy and normal my own transition had been.

Once I fully understood the process I had been through, I decided to produce more books like my new one, Find Your Reason to be Here, to help others who feel stuck in their own versions of midlife mayhem.

This morning I began to contemplate where I might be ten years from now.  I could only conclude, “Heaven only knows, considering the quantum leap I have made in the past ten years!”

 The only thing I know for sure about my future?  Absolutely anything can happen!  So, hang on it all changes!

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Ellen Dolgen March 22, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Such great advice, Laura! Midlife is such a great time to not only reinvent ourselves, but to try other paths less (or never) traveled in our lives thus far. To be so successful doing this – as you have been – is such a blessing! Congrats and thanks for trying to help others navigate this often-rocky time!

midlifecrisisqueen March 22, 2013 at 2:25 pm

Thanks for doing a little time traveling with me, Ellen!

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