1. I always love hearing about women having their crisis at 49 and what they did about it. I found 49 the toughest of all the transitional years. Good for you. And good pick in Gloria.

  2. Haralee

    Gloria is so inspirational and has championed so many issues for women when women’s voices were not heard. Great choice!

  3. I’ve always loved Gloria, and will never forget her coming out on her 50th birthday in a beautiful dress, saying, “This is what 50 looks like.”

    Excellent choice on celebrity crush day.

  4. lisa weldon

    “not until sometime in my thirties did I begin to suspect that there might be an internal center of POWER I was neglecting…” – there is so much to this. Unfortunately, just now at age 60, am I realizing this.

    Great, great post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Renee:
    In midlife I finally started paying attention to my intuition or inner wisdom. When I started doing that, the right book, message or person started appearing right on time! – Laura

  6. Lisa:
    I say there are two ways to interpret the timing with which we find our power… either we are sad that it took so long, or pleased that it finally happened. It all depends on our past encouragement to accept that power and our openness to change. Throughout most of my life I gave my power away as quickly as I could.
    Rejoice in knowing your own power! Women throughout history had no chance to even know what we are talking about… — LLC

  7. Laura, I agree with your celebration of what is possible now for women. The chances for a woman to be empowered and find others who will lift her up is MUCH greater now than ever before. Thank you for highlighting Gloria.

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