Why read “Find Your Reason to be Here”?

by midlifecrisisqueen on February 25, 2013

In case you’re still sitting on the fence about purchasing my new book:

First, a brief review from Jed Diamond Ph.D., an expert on male midlife issues, and the driving force behind MenAlive:

If you’re between the ages of 35 and 65, you owe it to yourself, and those you love, to read Laura Lee Carter’s magnificent new book which describes the uniqueness of  each of our shared journeys through midlife.

I read many books each year, but this one is exceptional.  It’s well written, with solid and helpful information that men and women will find extremely valuable.  Its insights into the problems of midlife men will be particularly helpful to the millions of men and women who are dealing with the male midlife crisis.  If you plan to read one book this year I encourage you to consider, Find Your Reason to Be Here.

Lisa did a more complete review on the Amazon page, but here is a summary of her thoughts:

“Any boomer who is looking for validation, knowledge, inspiration and encouragement for their midlife journey should check out this book!”  – Lisa Froman

And here are links to a few other reviews from those who just finished reading my book:

Janette Fuller is book reviewer, blogger and reference librarian.

Jennifer Comet Wagner, previously a librarian turned blogger, makes a point of listing new information she learned from my book.

I am so pleased that they all learned new things by reading my book!  I made a point of including all of the new information I learned about what we share as boomers, midlife change, and why this is such a unique and important time in life to blossom.  Anything that made me say, “WOW, I didn’t know that!” got put in.

My purpose was to provide a user-friendly summary of the latest discoveries in midlife social and psychological research, and then include extensive references for those who want to learn more about the specifics.


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