1. Keeping putting the message out there. I recently heard of a college boy taking his life in my friend’s son’s fraternity. It’s devastating and horrifying at any age and it needs to be talked about. Kudos to you.

  2. Great post and such an important message…I’ve known several people who have taken their own life and it’s a tragedy that we hope we can prevent if enough people discuss it.

  3. It IS an outrage when this is clearly such an important topic to discuss. Why not discuss it? Teens are doing it in droves and we must create a constructive arena to discuss it in order to open up the conversation. Knowledge IS power and we want to deal with this issue head- on. Kudos to you, Laura, for tackling it. Stick with what you feel is important – that is all that matters in the end.


  4. Wow! Surprising and ever so sad and disturbing. I think we just need to keep the subject out there. Keep talking about it, solutions, coping mechanisms, organizations established to help. I truly commend you for that! Good piece.

  5. There have been times in my life when the only thread of light that kept me here on earth was the unconditional love of my cat, or a phone call that came from out of the blue. Life is a dance between pleasure and pain. Today I spend 95% of my life in absolute joy, but the 5% remains. Your message is important. I will share.

  6. Thank you for your honesty Renee. Yes, I have walked that thin line myself a few times, but I have found that it is only fair to tell those I love when I have felt myself leaning towards self-destruction. It appears midlife is an especially vulnerable time and that is why I caution those experiencing isolation and depression.
    Take care not to jump to conclusions too quickly. In my case the love of my life and a promising new purpose was waiting just around the corner for me… so PLEASE: HANG ON IT ALL CHANGES!

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