1. Yes, the days of the permanent. Who can forget those? I see them now advertised and wonder who in the world is getting permanents these days.

    I also had problems with make-up, so I headed over to my friendly Merle Norman makeup studio to have mine professional done. I walked out and was promptly offered a role in a porno.

    The hat is nice. At least you were smart enough to wear one in the sun. I wish I’d been that smart.

  2. I’ve reached middle age without learning to apply make-up, too. I wish I’d got the perm out of the way in 1981 so I didn’t fall prey to it as the 80’s were ending. I got one just when the rest of the world was coming to its senses.

  3. I have naturally curly hair — so, naturally, I always wanted to find ways to straighten it. I had the floppy hat, too, which I wore over my hair pulled back as straight as possible!

  4. Oh, the dreaded perm. The smell!!! Every time I smell rotten eggs, that’s all I can think of, those Toni home perms!

    Not only do I have straight hair, but mine is fine and thin. Those perms destroyed my hair. But I kept going back for more.

    You look absolutely adorable in the hat! Makes me think of the show Oklahoma!

  5. The hat your wearing, in white, was my dream wedding hat. I always wanted to wear one of those and get married in a garden. Got married twice, and never did either :).

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