1. Good post, Laura Lee. Yes, I did read this and was mortified and flabbergasted. How can it be? It is even more evidence (as if we needed it) that our fine military men and women do not receive the care they need while they are in the trenches or when they return home. It is a sad, sad commentary on our country. Shameful. I am also aware that the BB are more prone to suicide than in past decades. I wonder if it’s true of if it’s just that we are now paying attention. Income (or lack of), illness and loneliness are to blame. There is always something we can do. I hope we do it.

  2. Hi Tammy:
    Nice to hear from you! Actually, I had a long conversation with my dad about what’s different for BB that was not true when he began thinking about retirement. That was part of my reason for doing the research for this new book, to answer this question for myself. There are so many things that are different for us, than the previous generation! I learned so much from writing this book… Don’t miss it! – LLC

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