1. Laura Anderson

    Hi Laura…
    I appreciate seeing your new book! At 62 years old, I understand the suicide ideation. I moved from Denver to Louisville KY but with jobs being so scarce, I found myself “homeless” and living with friends for some time. I felt useless, alone (although the friends would have been there for me if I’d only talked to them). The thought of suicide came more and more frequently. I managed to get through those days and now have my own place. That made a big difference. Now I have my home and activities I enjoy thoroughly. My son isn’t real happy about my move, and although I tried to explain to him that for me it was my homecoming! He doesn’t agree, but he does understand. I enjoy my life now tremendously and I’m so very glad I didn’t act on the impulses back then.

  2. Dear Laura:
    My new book is NOT about suicide, but more about how to avoid making rash decisions at midlife… just like your recent experience exemplifies! Thanks for reading and writing to me. — Laura Lee

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