Rekindle your spirit: Appreciate milestones and moments!

by midlifecrisisqueen on December 31, 2012

Are you ready for lucky 2013?

It’s a new week, a new month, and a new year, so why is that a good thing?

While putting together my new book in the past few months, I have gained a great new appreciation of exactly how lucky we are to be alive today.

When it comes to human history, we boomers have truly hit the jackpot!

When you consider any field of endeavor – psychology, neurosciences, medicine, communications or technology, the human race is seeing unprecedented advances, advances that can only improve our lives, bridge cultural differences, and increase human understanding.

Yesterday, while enjoying a long electronic conversation with an amazing group of fellow writers from all over the world, I thought, how is this even possible?  And the best part is, I don’t have to be an Internet whiz kid to do this!

Today we can exchange knowledge and information freely with little real effort, expanding our friendships and our minds.  Now imagine showing these tools to your grandparents, who thought that the telephone and the television were high tech!

For as much as most of us complain, we are very fortunate.  Fortunate to live in a time and place where “midlife” means having the luxury of more time to reconsider our previous choices, and then orchestrate a do-over if we wish.

Researching the psychology of boomers and the history of the concept of midlife, have convinced me that human consciousness and awareness have made a few quantum leaps just in my lifetime.  So glad I have been here to be a part of these advances and experience them daily.

And, speaking of milestones, I just sent the manuscript of my third book – Find Your Reason To Be Here, to my editor yesterday!

If you would like to share in some of what I have learned by researching the psychological legacy of baby boomers, and how midlife is changing us all, please join in this transformative experience!  It should be published, and available SOON!

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