The Winter Solstice Boomer Blog Carnival, 2012

by midlifecrisisqueen on December 16, 2012

I think everyone would agree, the northeast U.S. has suffered greatly these past few months.

Between Hurricane Sandy and now this horrific ordeal and terrible tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, our hearts fill with love and compassion for those who suffer at this darkest time of the year.  We can only hope that brighter days are ahead, and find our own version of meaning in the midst of this winter solstice.

Now I present #290 in the longest running Boomer Blog Carnival! We even have a new member to add to our superb blogging team, so please read on:

SoBabyBoomer reports that, according to the new AARP Generations Study, we boomers talk more frequently with our young adult children, plus spend more face time and share more intimate confidences with them, than we did with our parents.

Over at The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, offers eight ways to cut holiday costs.  Rita decided to skip outdoor holiday lighting, whose costs can add up, and since she lives in the Seattle area, she grows her own Christmas trees in her yard.  Take a look at her article for other suggestions.

After five long and enjoyable years of happy living and blissful denial, Tom Sightings has found himself scheduled for his next colonoscopy.  Find out a little more about it in his informative but gentle new post Getting to the Bottom of Colon Cancer.

Now to our brand new blog carnival member Sara Cornell!  While staying at home on the mommy track, Sara started writing and publishing her first blog, Blue Blinds.  A following quickly developed, so she began creating digital content for friends with small businesses.  Next Sara created her own blog: Life After Married, where she “seeks to explore the complicated emotions of being a boomer in and out of complex relationships, Chardonnay induced ramblings, and late night journal entries over 20+ years of marriage and an unpleasant divorce.”

I discovered Sara’s wonderfully honest and courageous writing through my membership in a fabulous Facebook writers’ group for those in midlife.  WE named ourselves “GenFab,” which we facetiously call “GenFlab” at times!  See what you think of this post by Sara about One In The Bed.

I have been BUSY lately completing my third full-length non-fiction book, which I wrote for my brother John, who probably did not survive his 50s.

I have decided on the title: BOOMERS AT MIDLIFE, but not a sub-title just yet.  I know that sounds awfully BIG, but I do provide a summary of most of the psychological research findings on boomers in this new book, as well as background on where the idea of “midlife” even came from.  Then I share most of what I have learned about the amazing psychological advantages offered to us as boomers presently in midlife, opportunities never before available in human history!  My new book will be out in January 2013.

In the meantime, do not miss this great book about how important psychologically, your twenties can be, and why I LOVED the new movie Beginners! 

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