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    We still get a little “crazy” here but nothing like we use to, how much “stuff” can you have? I mean really.
    My mom has had a tradition that goes way back with us (ok since I got married) where she buys an ornament each year that symbolizes or is a reminder of something that happened that year. As my kids were born (and continued with my sisters kids) she includes ornaments for the kids as well.
    When I put up our tree it is like a walk down memory lane – every vacation/sporting milestone/school events, graduations, etc. So much fun.

    Now if you could get and KEEP the “white stuff” by you and not out here (we have had enough already thank you) I would be most appreciative

  2. I hate shopping at normal times of year, so during the holiday season I really don’t want to have anything to do with. We only exchange presents with my immediate family – my husband and kids. We keep things very simple now that the kids are older.

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