1. Personally I don’t think taking care of yourself is being selfish. Lets’ face it, if something happened to you … then you couldn’t take care of either your parents or your kids – so taking care of yourself should be a requirement to being ABLE to take care of others.

  2. I have a sister and a mother who need to read this post. I, on the other hand, am more likely to be on the receiving end of their kindnesses and could stand to step up more often.

  3. All very good points. I once was selfless in this manner but needed to learn balance. I also have found that people that give their time to others without regarding their own needs often are offended with others don’t drop things and help them. It is very important as you say to step back and meet your own needs.

  4. All great points! I was raised by a selfless and sometimes bitter mom, so I am frightfully aware of when I start giving too much to others. I have to check in regularly with myself to see if I’m feeling used or taken advantage of… LLC

  5. Great points. The sandwich it is for many of us. Just when you think kids are grown and looking forward to or being the most fantastic grand parent ever, your own parents need help!

  6. The first time I heard the term “sandwich generation” – I literally sat down and cried. It summed up everything I was feeling, the constant tug of needy children / needy parents that was overwhelming me at the time. Your points are right on. We need time to recharge in order to really help anyone. And not feel guilty about it!

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