Don’t miss ARGO!

by midlifecrisisqueen on October 17, 2012

Just got back from seeing the film Argo, based on the true story of how a CIA operative smuggled six foreign service officers out of Iran at the height of the Iran hostage crisis.

All I can say is, this is a movie well worth watching!

It starts out with a brief, but excellent history lesson on how the hostage crisis came about.  The news shots from that period brought back memories for me, remembering those days back in late 1979 when the American Embassy in Tehran was overrun by Islamic militants.

All American employees were taken hostage, accused of being spies.  Six officers were able to escape to the Canadian Embassy and were then hidden at the Ambassador’s home.

The problem?  How to get them out before the militants learned of their presence and came after them.

This great story was only declassified by the CIA in 1997.

Enough said.  See it!

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