A special birthday edition of the Boomers’ Blog Carnival

by midlifecrisisqueen on April 8, 2012

Welcome to springtime in the Rockies!

Turning 57 is NOT for the faint of heart!  I’m now on the fence about this whole birthday thing. I used to LOVE the attention, the cake, the presents.

But now that I’m “pushing 60″ I just see aging as the scary unknown out there looming, waiting to devour me.  Don’t really know what to expect. So I made an executive decision this week: I will remain 56 for the rest of my life.  Please don’t tell Social Security and Medicare though!

Let’s see what my fellow Boomer Bloggers have to share with you today:

How many times have you dropped your phone?   The Boomer Chronicles wants to know.

Is this the time to gamble with retirement?   SoBabyBoomer thinks, to meet ambitious investment return targets, some public pension funds must now swing for the fences.

Tom of Sightings at 60 is in the throes of doing his taxes.  He found he could take some medical expenses as a deduction because the IRS allows medical expenses above 7.5% of adjusted gross income.  He realized he’d devoted over 20% of his income to medical expenses — and he wasn’t even sick!    This got him wondering: Who Should Pay for Health Care? …and why does it all cost so much?

Do you love grilled cheese? Obsess over it?  The Accidental Locavore looks at three variations on a classic.  What’s your favorite?

Finally, in honor of EASTER, I would like to share some of my fondest memories from Easters long gone, where Easter eggs and bunnies came from, etc. plus a few good laughs from my friend Brett’s family reunion!

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Charlie April 10, 2012 at 4:06 am

Happy Birthday, Laura Lee! Come on, girl – you’ve faced worse than turning 57. Here’s what it comes down to. Remember the line from the end of “The Turning Point” where Shirley McClaine and Anne Bancroft are talking about the daughter who is poised to begin her dancing career and McClaine says, “If only she knew what we know.” Bancroft says, “It wouldn’t matter a damn.” That was correct because at that young age, you genuinely can’t know, even if you have the information.

So, we get the wisdom to learn from our years, but we don’t get to keep the 20-something body.

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