Blogging Boomers’ Blog Carnival, April Fool’s Day Edition

by midlifecrisisqueen on April 1, 2012

Coming off one of the worst weeks of my entire life, April Fool’s Day seems somehow appropriate about now.  If you cannot find the humor in just about every crazy experience life decides to throw at you, it’s all just that much more difficult to bear.

Learning how to ask for help is the lesson we must all learn as we age.  Life does NOT have to be a do-it-yourself job.   Self-compassion is a good place to start, then add other loving companions.  Now you are ready for the many difficult challenges ahead!

Let’s see what my fellow Boomer Bloggers have to share with you today:

SoBabyBoomer says most Americans think of themselves in singular racial terms.  Yet, one in seven new marriages happen between spouses of different races or ethnicities.  Here’s how the assimilation of races began here in America.

The Accidental Locavore has been comparison shopping online for food products. Here’s one of her new favorites:  New York Mouth, full of delicious, local, artisanal products.

The Boomer Chronicles explored Atlanta, Georgia, for the first time.   See the photos here.

Over in the Toad Kingdom of Online Dating, Heidi Lee Munson confesses to lies she told to meet her very own Prince Charming- exploring what constitutes a little white lie and when is it appropriate to come clean.   Stay tuned, April’s Toad of the Month is just around the corner …

Tom over at Sightings at 60 wonders how many people still do their own taxes, and reviews What You Learn If You Do Your Own Taxes when you take the trouble to wade through all the forms.   No foolin’.

Katie Foster of Arabian Tales took a weekend excursion from Dubai to Musandam, Oman with friends.  Musandam is located on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula at the strategically important Straits of Hormuz that separates the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, a mere 45 km (28 miles) from Iran.  She never imagined she would meet playful camels along the way!

Feelings of lack of control during illness throws most of us off.  This has been my personal challenge while dealing with an intractable disease like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the past seven years.

Also, don’t miss CBS 60 Minutes TONIGHT about how toxic sugar is to your health!

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