Yes, you can change your body after 50!

by midlifecrisisqueen on July 31, 2009

Speaking of major changes in both body and soul, I realized yesterday what dramatic transformations I have been through in the past six months.  And I greatly appreciate how they have improved my quality of life!

In February I was suffering with a seemingly incurable case of itchy, inflamed toes with occasional bubbles of infection popping up.  I had been through seven different doctors and no one seemed to have a clue, besides a useless diagnosis of eczema.  I also had lower back problems which I had suffered with for decades with no real help available from my physicians.

This must be my year to change because I finally found a group of young chiropractors here in town who combine spine decompression technology with a couple other therapies to decompress herniated disks while also straightening the spine.

Since April when I began therapy, I have seen a gigantic transformation in the x-rays of my spine.  In the March x-ray I can see that I was seriously headed towards scoliosis!  Over the years I had begun unconsciously leaning to the right quite a bit!  Now my spine is completely straight and I feel so much more balanced when I walk.   And there is something about straightening my spine that makes my whole body feel much more happy and balanced.

Soon after beginning spine treatment, I finally found a naturopath who could actually identify and treat my foot problems.  I have been receiving homeopathic and nutriceutical treatments for Candida albicans since mid-April, slowly detoxing and releasing the many poisonous substances which have built up in my liver and kidneys over the decades.

Cutting out all sweets both real and artificial has been quite an eye-opener for me!  I have come to believe that this is the issue we should be concentrating on as a nation if we truly want to rid ourselves of our diabetes/obesity epidemic and Candida problems as well!

And BTW, no one can change their diet that much without appreciating the emotional fallout involved!  I soon came to see that I was stuffing my feelings along with all that sugar.  It was high time for me to find new ways to cope with any unconscious bad feelings I had about myself and my life.

Sweet foods no longer work to soothe my bad feelings.  I have found that by cutting out so much sugar I rarely feel hungry and I don’t depend on food to improve my mood.  Food is simply food now, not a serious emotional addiction!

An interesting sidebar to all these changes is that my excellent health insurance policy only paid partially (as an out of network expense) for my spine treatments, and would not pay at all for the health practitioner who finally helped me with my Candida problem!

Here’s a link to my published articles on Candida overgrowth and spine correction.

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smilin Brad August 2, 2009 at 11:19 pm

Sounds like “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.
You acknowledged you were ready to accept better information on which to base your Life decisions and the Universe provided it.
Sounds completely normal to me.
Good Luck with the health improvements. It will help mentally too.

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