Carpet done… what’s next? Varnish-flavored eggs!

by midlifecrisisqueen on April 24, 2014

Murphy’s Law is coming on strong at our house today!

carpetingBetween mistakes in the carpet laying and my newly screwed up computer, I believe the astrological problems predicted for this week are right on schedule… the house looks great, we feel stressed and exhausted.

Lately I am constantly reminded of Thoreau’s theory that the more stuff you own, the more your stuff owns you.  We definitely don’t own this house at present, it owns us, and she can be quite the demanding taskmaster!

A friend of mine has been remodeling lately.  I was complaining to her about how hard these major renovations can be on relationships, like the fact that Mike just started varnishing the window sills in the middle of my breakfast!  YUM!

She said it got so bad once at her house that her husband and her were only communicating through the kids.  The other day I said to Mike, “Too bad we don’t have kids, but it’s also good the dog can’t talk…”

The good news? The end is near!  We’re listing today, photos tomorrow, and then we just sit back and rake in the dough, right???

I’m going with that thought, but I also have scheduled a serious wine tasting event tonight!


What does remodeling have to do with midlife?

by midlifecrisisqueen on April 20, 2014

I have had three conversations in the past three days with midlife women who are remodeling their homes… including myself!  What is it about midlife and remodeling?  I, of course, have my own theories about this…

Midlife means time to change in my experience, and what better place to begin than changing something in your surroundings?

sunroom after exteriorMy divorce at age 49 stimulated all sorts of major changes for me, mostly because I had to move into a much smaller and older home… OK, let’s just call it rundown.  My saving grace after my divorce was slowly fixing up my home bit by bit as I could afford it.

I started with small improvements like a new garden, a solar tube for more natural lighting and carpeting, and ended up turning a nasty old south-facing screened-in porch into a lovely new sun room.  In this way I added square footage to my home and also brought down my heating bills.

Sunroom looking towards backMore importantly, my new sun room was just the thing for my mental health!  The whole experience made me feel happy, productive and creative, plus it showed me the way to a more positive future.

This project made me say: “Look how you took an ugly space and turned it into a thing of beauty!”

Sunroom afterI would sit each morning surrounded by growing plants inside and out with my shelties by my side, journaling and reading fun and empowering books about creativity and midlife change, as I considered what was next for me.

Little did I know I would someday be writing those books!

That beautiful, quiet space became a source of great courage and creativity.   It became the perfect place to plan my new life!  I felt so safe and secure ensconced in that solid new room created especially for me, by me.

Ten years later I can see how important that physical change was to my overall perspective.  I see now how it enhanced my power to change everything in my life, husbands, home and hair color!

Learn more about how midlife change comes about and changes everything in my book: Midlife Magic: Becoming The Person You Are Inside!


Home Sales Prep: Carpets in… next?

April 19, 2014

I realized just now what a marathon this whole home sales prep has turned into for us, but we keep checking each item off the list until “listing day” arrives, hopefully this next week.  One month in, and we are almost done with our part of the process! We’ve trimmed the trees and raked the [...]

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Eclipses and Personal Transformation

April 15, 2014

Everyone’s buzzing about the ‘blood moon’ eclipse last night.  What most may not know is the emotional impact these eclipses can have on your life. Astrology may seem like bunk, but I know from decades of personal experience that eclipses often represent times of emotional turmoil or chaos.  In other words, opportunities for change. My [...]

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The Process of Selling Your Home These Days… [or why I threw myself down the stairs this week!]

April 13, 2014

Little did I know what selling your home is like these days.  I knew I was in for a wild ride, but geez! First step, staging.  This is when someone you just met comes into your home and tells you everything that’s wrong with it.  Why?  Because you need to know what furniture you need [...]

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Oh no! I fell down a flight of stairs…

April 11, 2014

Falling under the “believe it or not” category, I did a header down a whole flight of stairs on my birthday two days ago! We have so much construction and painting going on at our house, as we prepare it for sale.  Who knew we needed new “accent walls” etc.? I was trying not to [...]

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