Anyone wishing to enter the binary options trading must be aware that he is speculating on high-risk speculation and, in the worst case, loses all his money. For this reason, it is extremely important that beginners first get comprehensive information. ZoomTrader also points out that investors should only spend as much money as they can in plus500 a total loss.

The broker offers plenty of information – but the free-to-run demo account, on which investors can gain initial experience, is still missing.

Obviously, ZoomTrader believes that there is enough material in the “training center”, so a demo account is not necessarily required.
Here the broker acts differently than most Copy Trading competitors.

The great advantage of a demo account is that it can be traded with binary options without spending money. anyoption Providers provide the demo account with fictitious money and the trader can make his first speculations completely risk-free. He can try to see if the call and put options match him, whether he wants to bet on touch or range, or whether the hitch is the seconds deal.

ZoomTrader matches the missing demo account with the free eBook available. As a matter of fact, beginners can get a lot of important information, but they have no way of realizing the appropriate up check my reference knowledge. If you go with ZoomTrader, you have to have an idea about the matter, because real money is already due at the first transaction. However, one to three risk-free trades with a maximum trading volume of 500 euros can be launched. This offer also runs as a demo IQ Option kit for ZoomTrader.

Officially, there is no demo account with ZoomTrader. That is fact. Recently, however, we have heard several times that ZoomTrader makes a demo account available on demand. Yes, what now?

In the past, especially beginners have been looking forward to supporting ZoomTrader when questions about binary options trading came up. In these cases, the customer was then offered the opportunity to make initial experiences about the demo account. So it is that the demo account is opened only on direct request. And this also only if registration and a 24option first deposit are made.

ZoomTrader has a simple explanation for this kind of action: The demo account was not used too little in the past, so it was taken from the platform or is no longer actively advertised.

Tips for new customers

If you prefer to use ZoomTrader as a broker, Social Trading but you want to make the actual decision dependent on the demo account, you should first ask for a support employee after the registration and ask for the demo account. Here it can also be stated that you are a new customer and that seminar offers are offered only from a minimum deposit of 500 euros – this high sum hardly wants a beginner. If the demo account can not be demanded, Newbies must not be afraid: with an extremely low minimum trading etoro sum of only 5 euros, possible losses are usually not a tragedy.

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